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1 in /ˈɪn/ /ən/ preposition
1 in
/ˈɪn/ /ən/
Britannica Dictionary definition of IN
used to indicate location or position within something
: to the inside of (a room, container, etc.)
used to indicate that someone or something belongs to or is included as part of something
used to indicate the existence of something or someone within a story, movie, etc.
: during (a period of time, a season, etc.)
: at the end of (a period of time)
used to indicate an approximate age or number
used to indicate the method, materials, or form of something
used to indicate the color of something
used to indicate the state or condition of someone or something
: to a specified state, condition, or form
used to indicate how people or things are arranged
used to indicate the conditions that are around someone or something
: while or as a result of (doing something)
used to indicate the manner or purpose of something
used to make a statement or description more limited or specific in meaning
used to indicate the person who is being described
used to indicate the object of a belief, opinion, or feeling
used to indicate a job or area of activity
used to indicate the existence of something as a part of someone's character
: wearing (something) as clothes
used to describe how common something is by comparing a smaller number to a larger number
2 in /ˈɪn/ adverb
2 in
Britannica Dictionary definition of IN
: to or toward the inside of something (such as a building)
: to or toward a place
: at the place where someone or something arrives after traveling
: at or inside a home, office, etc.
: at or to a location that is near to something or that seems near to something
: in a way that will blend into or join with something
: to or at a proper or indicated place
: in a way that will agree or be in harmony
: in a way that surrounds something or someone or prevents something or someone from leaving
sometimes used in combination
: in the position of someone who is involved or participating in something
: in or into a position or job
: in a friendly relationship with someone
also : in a specified sort of relationship
: present or in your possession and available for use
sports : inside the area where players or the ball must stay in sports like tennis, basketball, and American football : not out of bounds

all in


in for

: sure to experience (something) see also have it in for at have

in for it

see 1for

in on

◊ If you are in on something you have knowledge about it or are involved in it.

in that

used to introduce a statement that explains or gives more specific information about what you have just said
3 in /ˈɪn/ adjective
3 in
Britannica Dictionary definition of IN
: popular or fashionable
: aware of and strongly influenced by what is new and fashionable see also in-group, in-joke
4 in /ˈɪn/ noun
plural ins
4 in
plural ins
Britannica Dictionary definition of IN
[count] chiefly US, informal
: a way of becoming involved in something or of influencing someone
see also ins and outs
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